8 week Breathing Space in Schools Mindfulness programme


If we are more aware, we notice what’s going on within us and around us. This enables us to choose how we respond to whatever life brings, becoming less likely to just react to difficulty and more able to make better choices in each moment. Learning and practising with classmates in school or college also brings the additional support of the shared endeavour. Learning early in life can help mitigate the effects of stress and offset tendencies towards anxiety or depression.

Our preferred way of working is in collaboration with a whole school so that mindfulness becomes part of the school ethos. This makes it easier to develop mindfulness individually and collectively and can have a very positive effect on the school environment.

The course teacher will be an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher of young people.

Overview and outcomes

The Breathing Space in Schools programme introduces mindfulness and meditation to students in 8 weekly interactive sessions. Each week has a different theme and includes mindful movement, input and meditation and also home practice.

The course is usually delivered to one class at a time in your primary or secondary school or college. It can also be taught online via Zoom. You can book for the whole school or for a particular year group.

Potential benefits from learning and practising mindfulness and meditation include improved focus and learning, better management of mood and stress and the development of more emotional resilience and empathy. It becomes easier to make wiser choices and allows for more joy in life.