A New Beginning and Not a One Size Fits All


We’re delighted to announce the re-launch of Breathing Space in Schools. After nearly 10 years of teaching mindfulness in London schools we are growing and offering you various mindfulness trainings, tailor-made for wherever you are on this journey.

Whether you are simply curious, have already started doing some mindfulness or are ready to integrate mindfulness into your school ethos and culture, we’re keen to provide you with tailor-made options to suit your school and budget.

Mindfulness has now entered the mainstream culture and is used widely in public sector, cultural and commercial organisations. Extensive research supports the widely stated benefits of mindfulness and its effectiveness as an approach lies in how it is applied and in understanding the needs of participants.

For mindfulness to be truly effective, we know that we have to understand the context and needs of the environment and so we love visiting schools, meeting staff and pupils for the first time and building relationships.

So many seem to benefit from learning to practice. In the words of one of our recent participants:

“I’ve learnt through mindfulness that the answer lies
somewhere in your brain” …. Year 6

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