Mindfulness taster sessions
for staff


You may be looking to introduce mindfulness in to your school and want to give your team a sense of what it is. Or maybe you want to support well-being of your staff with tools for dealing with stress and a little bit of calm and relaxation. A taster session is only an introduction, but is the best way to find out about mindfulness and meditation.

Your tutor will be an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher.

Overview and outcomes

The session will introduce you to mindfulness in daily life and to the practice of secular meditation. No special equipment is necessary, just chairs to sit on. A bigger space with mats to allow for lying down would be helpful.

Depending on your content emphasis, there will be input, discussion and interactive exercises, modified if the session is online. We start with the opposite of mindfulness, which we call autopilot and then explore what it means to bring more conscious awareness into our daily life and an include an introduction to at least one short meditation practice.

Participants will gain an insight into how they can begin to cultivate mindfulness in daily life through discussion and simple methods. They will also be introduced to at least one simple mindful meditation which they can practise by themselves to manage anxiety and stress and to give themselves a breathing space.

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice are wide-ranging. They include: improved focus and learning, better management of mood and stress and the development of more emotional resilience and empathy. It becomes easier to make wiser choices and allows for more joy in life.