Mindfulness taster sessions
for students


A taster session is the best way for students to find out what mindfulness is all about and try it for themselves. We aim to make the sessions active and engaging. In order to really benefit from mindfulness, we recommend doing an 8-week mindfulness course to learn and begin to practise together.

The tutor will be an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher of young people.

Overview and outcomes

The session will introduce your students to mindfulness in daily life and to the practice of secular meditation. Depending on what you’re looking for, we often include the approach of mindfulness in relation to stress and/or use of digital devices. No special equipment is necessary, just chairs to sit on.

The content is interactive, even if online, and starts with the opposite of mindfulness, which we call autopilot. We then explore what it means to bring more awareness into our activities and an introduction to meditation.

The students will gain an insight into how they can begin to cultivate more awareness in daily life through discussion and techniques. They will be introduced to a short mindful meditation to practise by themselves which will give them a breathing space and help to manage worry and stress.