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We support Northwold Primary School in their journey towards becoming a mindful school with mindfulness courses for all of their pupils and most of their staff as well as training some staff to become mindfulness mentors.

They're already reaping many benefits and we're grateful for permission to share the delightful film they made after the first year...

Mindfulness introductory sessions

Srivati is a wonderful teacher. There was the right balance of teaching, discussion and practice.

Paul Glantz, Camden School for Girls

Breathing Space in Schools Teaching Training

The teaching was excellent…A lot of ground was covered in an effective and enjoyable way. Above all it gave me confidence in teaching mindfulness in schools.

It was a very personalised piece of training that has had a strong impact on my own practice as well as in school. Srivati’s depth of experience was a key asset of the course, together with her well-tailored delivery style.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction For Staff

I have found it very helpful. I was going through a really stressful period: new job, changing house and since I started, my attitude has changed a lot, being more relaxed, calm and aware.

Primary Teaching Assistant

Thanks for knocking the scepticism right out of me.

Primary Teaching Assistant

I have learnt strategies that I can use to help me when I get stressed. Loved listening to the poems. I am more mindful of things around me and my behaviour in different situations. I really enjoyed the sessions.

Primary Deputy Head

The course helped me recognise at an early stage when I am beginning to feel stressed or tense; taking breathing space helped me evaluate and problem solve; I also became more aware of positive experiences.

NHS Family Unit staff member

It was a wonderful opportunity to enter the world of mindfulness! The course leader had an inclusive, open approach. Doing it as a team has been developmental for us.

NHS Family Unit staff member

Breathing Space in Schools Pupil Programme

I use my gadgets less and practice football more.

Year 6 Pupil 

When I have a headache or get stressed out, I breathe in and out, do some meditation and it helps me calm down.

Year 5 Pupil

The children are more focussed and less fidgety for longer periods of time. Meditation has really helped the children to relax and calm themselves.

Year 1 Teacher

The children looked forward to the sessions. They are more relaxed and settled after the session and are able to sit meditating for longer periods. It was age appropriate, engaging and the children could access all of the activities.

Year 2 Teacher

Breathing Space in Schools whole school collaboration

official portrait

"When I made my first enquiry I was unclear what I was looking for and what was possible. Srivati helped me to articulate my thinking and we then worked together to design an affordable plan for mindfulness to be taught to my whole staff, all my pupils as well as their parents.

The programme that was developed was accessible and enabling. Mindfulness is now a part of our daily school routine and is practiced by the whole school community. It has helped the school feel calm, the children know that they have a strategy for managing difficult situations and staff draw on it to manage their stress.

This summer the stress of SATs was widely reported in the media. Children were crying, and struggling with their anxiety. In contrast our pupils were resilient, good natured and positive throughout. I know their mindfulness practice at the start of each school day really helped them."

Alison Kriel

Executive Principal
Northwold Primary School

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