For Students


Mindfulness taster sessions for students

A taster session is the best way for students to find out what mindfulness is all about and try it for themselves.


8 week Breathing Space in Schools Mindfulness programme

Learning early in life can help mitigate the effects of stress and offset tendencies towards anxiety or depression.


Bespoke Breathing Space in Schools programmes

For pupils who have completed the BSIS programme, we offer follow-on courses which are usually 4 weeks long.

For Adults


Mindfulness taster sessions for staff

You may be looking to introduce mindfulness in to your school and want to give your team a sense of what it is.


Adults 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)

The most effective way to begin to practise mindfulness and meditation is to do a course over a number of weeks.


Adult 3-day Mindfulness mentor training 

You may have already discovered the benefits of mindfulness in your own life and feel inspired to share it with your students.