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 We offer a variety of mindfulness programmes for pupils, staff and individuals and can tailor them to suit your needs.Whether you’re new to mindfulness or want to take things further, get in touch and we’ll help you design an approach that is just right for you.


Programmes for Students

If you want to see the immediate benefits of mindfulness or wish to see how it might work in your setting and with your students then a taster session is for you. Tasters can be done with all age groups from nursery to sixth form. You will also meet with our facilitator and have a complimentary consultation on request. Starting out

You want to introduce some strategies to deal with stress and emotional resilience but staff are already overstretched and you now need expert guidance on how to tackle complex issues in the school that are impacting on staff and students’ productivity and well-being. 8 week Breathing Space mindfulness programme

Mindfulness and meditation programme for school pupilsBreathing Space in Schools introduces mindfulness and meditation to students in weekly interactive sessions to classes over 6 – 8 weeks. This can be for the whole school or particular year groups in primary and secondary schools and sixth form colleges.Mindfulness and meditation support learning and concentration and help both children and adults to manage mood and stress levels and to develop emotional resilience and empathy. Practising mindfulness can positively influence how well we do in exams, performances and sport as well as how much we enjoy life.Learning to become more mindful in daily life allows us to make better choices in each moment, choosing to respond rather than react and can contribute to a more friendly and focused atmosphere in school. Going Further

We offer a variety of programmes that tackle specific issues that build on a basic introduction to mindfulness.Emotional Resilience
This programme looks at how we can bounce back from difficulty, learn from our mistakes and access a positive mental attitude. Students are introduced to a variety of techniques that enable them to work creatively with anger, pressure, making mistakes and embarrassment.Digital Detox
There is hardly a day goes by when the effects of social media on young minds are not being discussed in the media. Digital Detox gives students the opportunity to explore the impact of devices and social media in a non-judgmental environment. Learning from research and other young people’s experience, they choose what their detox might be and discover the benefits for themselves.Mindful Communication
Using mindfulness as a base, students explore different ways to communicate and their consequences. A highly interactive programme, mindful communication gets students speaking in a way that is more effective, kind and clear.


Programmes for Staff

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme helps you to learn new ways of handling daily stress by significantly changing the way you relate to stress and challenges, gradually building your capacity to become more effective on a daily basis. Starting out: MBSR course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 week course for school staffThese programmes have made a significant difference to 1,000s of people around the world. With simple but effective practices to use in your daily life, you can significantly alter how you meet stress, anxiety and depression and re-discover your ability to enjoy life.This course can be delivered to a staff group in school in 8 weekly sessions of 1.25 hours each. This includes guided meditation audio tracks and weekly emails and handouts. Going Further: Become Your School’s Mindfulness Mentor

We support you to become your school’s mindfulness mentor. By attending a 3-day training course we give you all the tools and techniques that will enable you to become a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher for young people.
You will need to have completed an 8-week mindfulness course plus have at least 6 months of personal practice.
(See www.breathingspacelondon.org.uk for more information on mindfulness courses.)NEXT DATES:

Sat 2 & Sun 3 May and Sun 28 June 2020. Going Further: Mindful Communication

This programme is designed to support you to have more mindful and effective communication with colleagues, students and parents. Using mindfulness as a base, we help you to develop skillful strategies that focus on positive communication with an emphasis on kindness, clarity and awareness. Mindful communication can be delivered as a 3-week programme.


Programmes For Individuals

Coaching and mentoring – This is for you if you are delivering mindfulness workshops already but would like further guidance and support. We provide support by Skype or phone and these can be a follow up after attending a mindfulness mentor-training course or if you wish to go deeper with your personal practice or have additional support with your work with groups. Mindfulness and meditation teacher training

We can train you to become a mindfulness and meditation mentor. We do this over 3 days and share our structure, content and best practice with you. Our training is done in small groups so that you will have personal attention to address the things you need to become an effective mindfulness trainer.In advance of our training you will need to have completed an 8 week mindfulness course plus have at least 6 months of personal practice.You can access information on mindfulness courses here www.breathingspacelondon.org.ukNEXT DATES: Sat 2 & Sun 3 May and Sun 28 June 2020 . Coaching and Mentoring

If would like further support either on your mentoring approach or on your practice we provide 1:1 coaching so that you can become even more effective in supporting young people in your setting.
Call us on or email us for an informal conversation on what support you are looking for.


Tasters and Insets

You’ve heard about mindfulness and would like to experience the benefits that are promised but are not sure how to begin. A taster or Inset gives you an opportunity to try out mindfulness with your students or staff to see if it is right for you. You will meet one of our facilitators and have a complimentary consultation on your school’s needs. How do Insets work?

We tailor the session to suit your staff’s needs and priorities. Examples of Inset topics include:

  • Mindfulness, what is it, how does it work and effects on students?
  • Relaxation and stress management for staff
  • Practical Mindfulness and how it enhances your teaching and your life
  • Mindful communication with students, staff and parents

How do Tasters Work?

A taster session can introduce mindfulness to one or more classes. This might be particularly useful in advance of exams, tests or major transitions.We adapt the content for different age groups to make it engaging and interactive, using discussion, reflection, short video clips and mindful exercises.Themes include:

  • Doing things habitually or on ‘autopilot’ 
  • Mindfulness in daily life
  • How to practice meditation
  • Stress and relaxation 

Bespoke programmes

We specialise in designing programmes that are uniquely tailored to your learning environment. Contact us

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